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Have you taken your temperature lately?

Thriving organizations understand—and constantly tend to—the temperature of their workplace.


Lassen Leadership focuses on cultivating leaders and organizations. 


Working with leaders, entrepreneurs and social change-makers, I (Chana, founder of Lassen Leadership) help bring visions to life by clarifying goals, creating strategies and implementing action plans. I provide a comprehensive approach to leadership development that intertwines coaching and consulting.


Whether you’re working on individual strength goals or navigating organizational competency gaps, my role is to assess the situation and call attention to obstacles that prevent you and your organization from operating at peak performance. Through powerful and proactive questions that challenge the status quo, I get to the heart of what is happening and how it is stalling growth. From there, we’re able to create and implement strategies that lead to transformation.

When employees use their strengths—and love what they do—they are infinitely more productive and committed to helping the business succeed.


your partner for leader and organizational transformation

My Approach




Thriving organizations understand—and constantly tend to—the temperature of the workplace.  Does your culture align with the stated values? Does the structure support the strategic plan? When there is misalignment, it is hard to achieve results.


Using interactive staff interviews, individual and group assessments, and existing data, I identify trends and patterns that impact the organization. Once we know where the gaps lie, we can identify options for transformation—and lasting change.


After analyzing and documenting the existing environment, we clarify the desired future.


Whether you need to address structural obstacles, competency gaps, culture challenges or decreased engagement, we work together to outline the goals for improvement. We work towards aligning those fundamental elements with your mission and strategic plan. Because strengthening your culture—and bridging leadership abilities—drives enhanced collaboration, employee engagement and productivity.


Together, we design a customized blueprint that supports the vision and propels the organization forward. While I may have the expertise, your team is engaged during each step—helping shape the process, recommendations and final strategies to execute.

I facilitate real-time implementation of action steps with a focus on versioning—no strategy is perfect or permanent. As the system and culture start to shift, the plan will also shift. Programs must be nimble to ensure continual improvement.


I integrate coaching into every consulting project. Coaching facilitates the transformation of organizations by preparing managers to lead and implement complex organizational initiatives. 


System and culture shifts require individual change. Coaching allows us to uncover and address individual resistance to change. We’re able to identify and bridge manager skill gaps while creating safe experiments for new behaviors that support individual and organizational evolution.

A Gallup Study Identified Businesses with High Employee Engagement Ratings Have:










ways we can work together



Workplace design and culture form the foundations of your organization. When the structure is right and your employees are aligned with the organization’s core values, mission and vision, it creates common purpose and team cohesion.


Yet, the development and care-taking of workplace design and culture are often overlooked. While defining the core values is important, it’s only step one. Intentionally embedding your values into the day-to-day policies, practices, and customs at your organization is when we see results.


Lassen Leadership facilitates custom program design to refine the structure, strengthen your culture, leverage your organization’s values and increase employee commitment to the mission.


Leaders are everywhere and in all of us. It is not positional or about authority. Having a coach enables leaders at all levels to get clear on their vision and why it matters. They're able to identify their core values and strengths. All to help them define their leadership blueprint, in order to move to action.


Through thought-provoking questions, assessments, deep conversations, goal setting and accountability measures, I help you investigate who you are at your core. By understanding what makes you passionate you can then develop your authentic leadership brand by engaging your strengths.


Past clients have experienced increased performance, enhanced communication skills, improved relationships, and record sales and promotions.


Entrepreneurs are passionate about their dream and bringing it to life. Once the capital is secured and the office space is locked in, next on the agenda is hiring the first employee. For many, this is when the anxiety begins. Luckily, I’m able to simplify the web of HR practices and laws.


In bite-sized pieces, together we create and implement your HR programs. Things we cover include: recruiting and hiring; developing and implementing creative benefit programs; navigating the maze of employment laws; and even purchasing your payroll system. All so you can focus on growing your business and living out your dream.

Collaborative, curious and coach extraordinaire. Solutions-oriented and smart. These are just a few words that describe Chana. She epitomizes the adage that all of us are smarter than any one of us, constantly seeking the input of her colleagues, forming task forces, work groups, and the like to inform and successfully drive initiatives. And all with humility and diplomacy.

Micheal C., Nonprofit Executive


the thought leader behind Lassen Leadership

Meet Chana
Chana Anderson

My journey began on the compliance side of HR; navigating employment laws, union negotiations and employment litigation for companies. I continually wondered: Why are so many employees unhappy and unengaged at work? The connection point between business, employees and relationships seemed to be missing. 

That launched my study of strengths-based work, effective leaders, adaptive organizations, and wilderness leadership. Today, I'm fortunate to work with a myriad of businesses across a spectrum of industries, and am thankful to learn from each of my clients.

With 18 years of HR experience, certifications as an ICF Leadership Coach, a HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources with California expertise, plus a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies, and a master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary’s College of California, I bring a unique perspective to organizational design and development.


I'll always be a HR Nerd at heart, but I've found my calling championing leadership, empowering clients, and providing real-time tools that work! 


When I’m not helping organizations navigate complex issues, you’ll find me in the outdoors leading backpacking and paddleboarding trips or indulging in my love of dark chocolate.

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